Why a BioCycle?

Because of the high quality of treated effluent from a BioCycle system ADEC has granted waivers for the required separation distances to ground water, impervious soils, slopes exceeding 25%, surface water bodies and private wells.  ADEC and the municipality of Anchorage each grant up to a 50% reduction in the required size of the drainfield.

So a BioCycle system would be installed instead of a conventional septic system for the following reasons:

  • If your lot is too small to support a conventional septic system with a full sized drainfield and room for an alternate drainfield as required by all regulatory agencies.  Drainfields serving a BioCycle system needs to be only half as large and work well on small lots.
  • If the soils on your property do not perc well, a BioCycle may certainly be a solution.
  • If you have a high groundwater problem that would require a lift station and an expensive mound, a BioCycle system has proven time and again to be cheaper to install than a conventional septic system.
  • If your property has shallow impervious soils that would also require an expensive mound and lift station, BioCycle is much more cost effective than conventional systems.
  • If surface water exists on your property that requires 100 foot horizontal separation to any part of a new septic system and you are not able to meet this requirement with a conventional septic system, BioCycle has received many waivers for the 100 foot requirement.


BioCycle Alaska ended its second year of required testing for the municipality of Anchorage in October 1996.  This testing program was monitored by the Department of Health and Human Services/On-Site Services Division.  The municipality approved this package treatment system in August 1997 and is granting up to a 50 percent reduction in drain field size for BioCycle installations.  ADEC approved the BioCycle system in November 1995 after a one year testing period.  ADEC also grant up to a 50 percent reduction in drainfield size as well as waivers to ground water, surface water, slopes, etc. all on a site by site basis.


The state of Alaska ADEC requires a continuing maintenance program for all BioCycle installations.  Maintenance is performed quarterly on all systems.  We have found that continued maintenance is the key to the success of the BioCycle system.  Our standard maintenance agreement outlines the quarterly maintenance performed on each system. A copy of our standard maintenance agreement can be provided upon request.

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