BioCycle Alaska uses the standard Model 1500 for all single family residential installations.  This unit is approved by ADEC and the municipality of Anchorage for up to 4 bedrooms.  For homes larger than 4 bedrooms we use a conventional, 2-compartment septic tank in line ahead of the BioCycle system.  The size of the septic tank depends on the number of bedrooms to be served. For instance, a 5-6 bedroom residence would require a 1000 gallon septic tank installed in line ahead of the BioCycle system.  A 1500 gallon septic tank in combination with a standard BioCycle Model 1500 would be adequate for 7 to 8 bedrooms.

Facilities larger than 8 bedrooms are generally considered multi-family units requiring a 2000 gallon septic tank and a BioCycle Model 2200.  This combination has been used for facilities up to 14 bedrooms.  BioCycle Alaska, Inc. has designed units for facilities up to 64 bedrooms.

Equipment Drawing for bioCycle Model 1500

Equipment drawing for bioCylce Model 1500 with Septic Tank

A residential bioCylce Sytem in Homer Alaska A residential bioCycle sytem hidden udner a dog house
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A residential bioCycle System under a fron prorch in Eagle River, Alaska A model 1500 for residential use  for up to a 4 bedroom house being installed in Alaska A residential bioCycle System in Eagle River, Alaska A residential bioCycle System in Anchorage, Alaska