A bioCycle 1500 from biocycle AlaskaThe standard BioCycle treatment system is sized for a four-bedroom home and is contained in a 1500 gallon fiberglass tank with four separate compartments.  Additional treatment capacity is required for facilities larger than 4 bedrooms.  This can be achieved by installing a 1250 or 1500-gallon septic tank in line ahead of the BioCycle and converting the BioCycle to a double aeration system. 

BioCycle treats domestic wastewater through aerobic biological processes with the assistance of a small, 60 liter/minute air blower in combination with highly efficient flex disc diffusers.  The final effluent is discharged through a Meyers 0.4 hp pump to the drain field.  The power requirements for the air blower and the discharge pump are less than a household refrigerator.

The BioCycle system works by using naturally occurring bacteria that come from the household.  As a result of air being pumped into the system, the bacteria thrive and grow in much greater numbers than would naturally occur. The entire contents of the system are continually aerated preventing the production of hydrogen sulfide and/or methane gases.  Therefore, there is no typical septic odor to the system.

The resulting “over population” of aerated bacteria speeds the process of breaking down the sewage to make it safe to discharge to the drain field.  The final effluent is a very clear liquid that extends the life of the drain field indefinitely. There is an audio/visual alarm plate that is installed inside the residence that alerts the homeowner if the blower loses air pressure, the discharge pump malfunctions or if there is a loss of power. 

Another advantage of recycling treated waste is the reduction of nitrates (NO3) in the final effluent.

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