BioCycle Alaska has provided pre-engineered advanced treatment systems for commercial facilities throughout Alaska since 1996. The size of these systems range from 800 to 4000 gallons per day of wastewater flow. Some examples of these installations are listed below:

Facility Description Treatment Capacity Year Installed
FAA Weather Station, Biorka Is, Sitka, AK 1000 GPD 1996
FAA Weather Station, Middleton Is, AK 800 GPD 1996
Eagle Crest RV Park, Anchor Point, AK 2000 GPD 1997
Laidlaw School Bus Barn, Eagle River, AK 1500 GPD 1997
Kachemak Lynx Golf Course, Homer, AK 1500 GPD 1998
Otter Cove Lodge, Kachemak Bay, AK 1300 GPD 2000
Halibut Cove Lodge, Halibut Cove, AK 1400 GPD 2000
McNeil Canyon Elem School, Homer, AK 1700 GPD 2001
Eareckson AFB, Shemya, AK 2000 GPD 2002
Terror Lake Hydro Facility, Kodiak, AK 800 GPD 2003
Ridgewood Lodge, Halibut Cove, AK 2000 GPD 2006
Gwin’s Lodge, Cooper Landing, AK 4000 GPD 2009
Alaska Bible Institute, Homer, AK (2) at 3000 GPD each 2010

BioCycle Alaska, Inc. worked in cooperation with various engineering firms, the US Army Corps of Engineers, the US Air Force, and the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation on the design and installation of the above commercial systems.

Equipment Drawing for bioCycle Model 3000
Equipment Drawing for bioCycle Model 3000 with Septic Tank

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